Puerto Rico Rescue Dog Goes Wild When He Sees Snow

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Published: February 15, 2018

Dogs love to play in the snow, everyone who owns a pup knows that. But can you imagine a dog who grew up in a place where the climate is hot could love snow so much? Well take a look at this video and find out!

This is the joyous moment when a Puerto Rican rescue dog saw snow for the very first time and ran in circles around his frosty garden, frolicking with excitement. His owner was excited as her dog when she saw the heartwarming reaction. ‘I was throwing snowballs at him and he couldn’t understand why they disappeared when they hit the ground’ – said Heather. Yoda who grew up in a climate where the average temperature is 75 degrees, played with the snow like a real pro, while his brother, a six-year-old Corgie-Pit Bull mix named Cooper, was surprised by his reaction.

Yoda, the two-year-old chihuahua-dachshund mix, was living on the streets of Dorado, Puerto Rico, before he was adopted and relocated to Phoenix, Maryland, in March 2017. Thanks to the work of the Love of Satos animal rescue charity he is now safe and sound in a warm home. Yoda is very lovely and kind dog who loves to cuddle with his owner.

The excitable pooch was adopted in April by Heather Bauer, 26, who first spotted Yoda’s photograph posted on Facebook page of Animal Rescue Inc, a Pennsylvania affiliate of Yoda’s rescuers. Heather said that she is so happy that Yoda was rescued just month before the hurricane that devastated the island in September 2017.

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