Holism For Advancement: Collaboratives Articles (Various Experts-Revamp World’s Thinking-Foundation)

2 months ago

Learn how to use this free book ("Holism For Advancement: Collaborative Articles By Various Experts To Revamp The World’s Thinking-Foundation") properly and the story behind the collaboration of experts who contributed across countries, industries, and languages.

Please visit and support all my co-authors:
-Afnan Alfatih Altayeb Ahmed
-Dr. Chandra Babu
-Guillaume Caillaud
-Dr. Ian Pearson
-Kara Lynum
-Ke Huang
-Mr. Levino
-Mariyam Al-Jraki
-Mena Jamal
-Michael Luchies
-Miguel Conner
-Peter Sipes
-Dr. Pooja Gupta Aggarwal
-Quincy "Q" Shelton
-Dr. Rohit L. Patil
-Dr. Sophie Sohyun Bae
-Steven Obregon
-Thomas Dolan

Learn to start and habituate cognitive-revamping with Dr. HermanSJr. (of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change) to forever revamp your entire vision and mindset, thinking-foundation, entire core to maximize your human-capital (your abilities) to use in every atmosphere of your personal/professional life.

Start revamping at linktr.ee/DrHermanSJr, or DrHermanSJr.com, or PlatinumSciences.com.

(Correction: There are 19 co-authors in this book, including Dr. Herman, not 30; although Dr. Herman has collaborated [some still ongoing] with +100 experts worldwide in and outside this book endeavor.)

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