This Dog Has A Unique Way Of Asking For More Scratches

Phil1907Published: February 14, 2018Updated: February 15, 2018319 plays$0.81 earned
Published: February 14, 2018Updated: February 15, 2018

People keep saying “its a dog’s life” whenever theirs gets difficult or boring. But to tell the truth, dogs seem to have it the easiest! They always have a companion to be around, their bowls are always full, the toys are always there and someone is always present to give them scratches behind the ears. Well, most of the times…

We say “most of the times”, because scratching is tiresome work and after a while, people just need to rest their fingers a little. Dogs don’t care that you are tired! You will rest when you sleep, but right now it is scratching time and they expect their needs to be fulfilled. Just like a little baby, only this one doesn’t poop its pants and scream about it.

This puppy’s needs definitely weren’t fulfilled, because his owner would scratch him on the back of the head for a couple of seconds and then she would take her hand back. She doesn’t understand barkage and he doesn’t speak human, so he tries to make do with what he does know, and that is making the most adorable face in the world, while stretching on the couch and leaning towards the way the hand went.

It seems to be working for this fella, maybe we should try a similar approach ourselves when we don’t get things our way. Just make big eyes and lean in the direction of whatever you want. Should work.

Also, you have to see how Luna, the spoiled Husky demands her belly be rubbed. She makes it abundantly clear too!

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