Farmer Makes Pump Nozzle For The Water Hose That Turns Off Automatically

Published February 14, 2018 16,734 Plays $33.10 earned

Rumble / Do It YourselfThis type of nozzle has actually been used since way back when we started driving cars! When the gasolene reaches the lip of the nozzle, it automatically shut off, preventing overspill and waste of resources.

There is nothing new here, except that the nozzle is made to fit your standard garden hose. genius alert! So if you are tired of holding the nozzle on your hose and yelling to who ever is near the tap to shut it off, or of your barns and paddocks getting flooded because you didn’t reach the tap in time, this solution is for you!

It might be just water, but the damage can be substantial - mud and ice will definitely form, depending on the season, not to mention the water bill! Now you have few worries less.

Yes, folks, this is the same nozzle your local gas pump has. It is able to solve so many problems in your home, because the nozzle shuts off the moment the liquid goes over the water line and makes contact with the head, a great solution when you have to fill large quantities of water.

It is comfortable in your hand, does not fatigues your fingers from having to squeeze it constantly and it does not impede the flow of water to the vessel.

The best part? It is for sale! Look it up.