Kemp Knows The Corruption And The Fraud

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2 months ago

Kemp knows the corruption and the fraud. He knows there is an abundance of fraud that Joe Rossi brought to him. He knew Donald Trump won Georgia. He knew that Donald Trump won the election in July when he sat down with John Smith and with Fani Willis. He knows he certified a fraudulent election and put Joe Biden in office.
Kemp was a witness in the Fani Willis charade. He was part of the process of the people getting indicted.
Kemp is campaigning for himself.
NIkki Haley is not going anywhere; she is staying in the race until the last vote is counted.
There are claims out there that Donald Trump slurred speech and repeated errors is worse than Biden. There are assessments out there that Joe and Trump are declining and both need to go. It is the build up. Trump is not the candidate yet. Just wait for Trump not to be eligible to stand trial.
Kemp is the Deep State. In 2026 will he run for Senate and In 2028 there will not be a Donald Trump in the presidential election, will Kemp plan to run for president.

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