Kids React to Funny Fake Poop Prank!

AFVPublished: February 14, 201835 views
Published: February 14, 2018

What is better than seeing your kids reaction to their presents on Christmas morning? Recording your kids reaction as you prank them on Christmas morning. The kids check in on the cookies they left out for Santa before opening all of the gifts Santa left them. Little do they know, their parents set up a little prank to freak the kids out. Their dad asks if Santa ate all of the cookies and the girl replies “aww, he only ate one cookie and he made a mess.” Then they notice that Rodolph left a present on the floor… a turd!! Gross!! The kids are blown away, say that it smells and are confused. Their dad takes it to the NEXT level… he walks over to the fake poop and starts to eat it. The kids are grossed out but the boy ACTUALLY takes a bite.

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