Skip The Cloverfield Paradox, These Are the Very Few Good Parts (SPOILERS)

ObsevOriginalsPublished: February 14, 2018Updated: May 10, 2018
Published: February 14, 2018Updated: May 10, 2018

Cloverfield Paradox dropped completely out of the blue after the 2018 Super Bowl. Suddenly there was a trailer, and then it was just up on Netflix. Since then, the movie has been widely panned online with a meager 18% critic rating from Rotten Tomatoes. And that’s where we come in. Do you want to know the meat and potatoes of what happens in third loose installment of the Cloverfield franchise, but don’t feel like it’s worth an hour and a half of your time? Great, because we're bringing you a short, concise summary of the most notable moments from The Cloverfield Paradox.

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