"Hilarious Giant Slide Fail"

Published February 14, 2018 21 Views

Rumble "There is nothing better than watching videos of hilarious slide fails on the Internet. People do it all the time. These are actually the stuff we never get bored of. This grown lady tried to have some fun on the kids playground. And guess what she did first. She climbed on the slide and as soon as she went down, she lost her balance and fell on the ground. The slide toy was invented for kids, but as time goes on it's adults that seem to be getting the most fun out of it. The woman in this video decided to go to the playground and remember her childhood days. 'Don't fall... Be careful' - was the advice of her husband. No one could imagine what will happen after she got up on the climb and slide down. Gravity won and she fell down wiping the ground with her face, haha! We just can't stop laughing!"

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