Adorable Hyena cub is amused by mommy’s ear

EmotionsofAfricaPublished: February 14, 2018Updated: February 15, 201892 views
Published: February 14, 2018Updated: February 15, 2018

The word hyena brings a rather scary picture to mind for most people. Blood thirsty and dangerous predators living off the left overs of other predators. That whole scary picture totally disappears when you look at them when they are only six weeks old. These little black fur balls are probably the cutest of all predator babies in the African wild.

Hyena cubs are extremely curious little creatures. They will bite, lick and chew absolutely everything they can find. It is rather entertaining to watch these cubs. This little guy found his mother’s ear very amusing and was in a playful mood. He could not stop sniffing and licking her ear. He also started nibbling on it and at one stage he was comically shoving his nose down her ear to get a better sniff. Near the end, a second cub pops out the den to see what little brother was up to. Our hearts melted when both of them turned around and looked at the camera. The look on those little faces were just absolutely adorable. Poor mommy was out hunting and feeding the whole night. She was exhausted. She allowed them to carry on regardless. This is all part of the family bonding that is so crucial in the life of a hyena.

From a young age these little cubs are given every opportunity to hone their skills and develop strong relationships within their clan. One day when they are big and a little scarier looking, these crucial little play times with mommy will come in handy and help them survive an extremely hostile environment. Hyenas are crucial to the eco system of the African bush. They are the ‘hoovers’ of the bush and literally keeps the bush clean. Without hyenas, the bush would be filled with rotten carcasses and leftover meat. That in turn would lead to a number of diseases that would be detrimental to all other wildlife in the wild.

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