Cat with all my heart loves the dog so licking it completely.

KatandogPublished: February 14, 2018Updated: February 15, 201810 views
Published: February 14, 2018Updated: February 15, 2018

How to make Pets – this question is quite common in people who already have a cat or dog and decided to have another animal. For some, this question may seem complicated, but someone puzzled shrug: why not? usual business...Lived a dog named Mukhtar. Mukhtar was an ordinary mongrel, inherited by us. Prior to that, he was an ordinary guard dog, which was kept strictly on the chain, and which is not allowed in their own yard or someone else's man nor dog nor cat nor a chicken... terrible was the dog! Even the owner him sometimes fall, if you get caught under the hot hand, or rather paw (if you're thinking about a bowl of food to touch). He lived, as it should be in a kennel.

What did we have to do with this dog? Let me explain briefly: once upon a time we rented the summer house in the village, and the owners at that time took month old puppy – Mukhtar. We, of course, fed him, our children wrapped him in a puppet blanket and bayukali, like a doll, drank it from a spoon of milk... we lived for about a month and went to the city. Then we bought a house in this village, but Mukhtar was no longer met, as he grew up and sat on a chain.

Eight years have passed…

The owners of Mukhtar died, the neighbors a few days was afraid to go to the Mukhtar to untie it (remember that the dog was very angry!), but as something managed and released dog. As lived Mukhtar-is unknown, but accounted for him not sweet.And here again, the summer came and we arrived at his house. As Mukhtar know we arrived? How did he even know us? It will remain a mystery forever! But, nevertheless, Mukhtar came running to us in yard. At first we were afraid that he would offend the children, because of his ferocity were heard very well, but soon became convinced that our fears are in vain: Mukhtar allowed us everything! he was ready to turn inside out for us. Mukhtar lived with us all summer, and when we left, we took him with us to the city. Not going to tell you about his city life, since our website is dedicated to cats, not dogs. I can only say that such a smart dog I've ever met. To urban life Mukhtar used immediately and comply with all rules, which we gave him, and which he guessed. Still just amazed by his boundless confidence.

Now, about the muslin. Kitty appeared at the cottage next summer. It was brought by a friend who was leaving on vacation and there was nobody to keep the kitten. Her name was Catherine, but we called her kitty. It was a pure white Angora kitten with a gorgeous tail! Kise was only three months old, she was pampered and spoiled, as befits a pedigreed kitty-beautiful. But first, we introduced CIMS with Mukhtar.Mukhtar had already spent a year, became a full-fledged member of the family and enjoyed the full confidence on our part. I took the Kitty in his hands, raised it to his nose, Mukhtar said: "Our kitty, guard!". We were pretty sure that was enough. So it turned out. Of course, we first closely followed by kitty, because she had never been outside, and she was scared, curious, and interesting... But after one event, we realized that we can weaken his observation, because we Kitties have a personal guard.

Mukhtar and kitty became friends immediately. Mukhtar fulfilled our order, or a request, and kitty apparently did not have before communicate with dogs, and she was just wondering. We went every day to walk in the forest and took with them not only Mukhtar, but a Kitty. They ran next to us, frolicking and playing with children. Neighbors even thought the first time that we had a second dog. In General, the kitty used to go with us everywhere.

One day we went to visit the neighbors, Mukhtar and kitty with us. We talked, suddenly, I saw that the yard ran someone else's dog and headed straight for the kitty... I instinctively jumped up, rushing to the defense of a kitten, but then I saw that just jumped up and Mukhtar! He's in one jump was beside her, drove the dog and lay down next to the kitty... We realized that the cat was fine.Mukhtar and Kisa are so attached to each other that they were inseparable. They ate together, slept, went with us to walk, lay next to the gate, watching the passers-by…

Kitty stayed to live with us.

Old yard dog and a young spoiled elite cat – what unites them? I think that true friendship happens not only in humans, but also in animals. They experience the same feelings as we humans, they have the same emotions as we humans... we just don't always understand them…

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