Iowa Focus Group Happy About Trump; Skeptical On Russia Investigation

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Published: February 14, 2018

CNN's Martin Savidge holds a group of Trump supporters and asked them about the Russian investigation, the FBI, and Democrats. The panel included two white males, one black man, and a white female in Cedar Rapids.

"They don't believe in the investigation because they don't believe the investigators," Savidge said, describing the group.

He asked the group if they have faith in the FBI investigators and received a resounding: "Hell no."

"Do you think that the FBI has a political bias in this [investigation]?" Savidge posed to the group.

"I believe, yes," one man answered. "I want do preface by saying it's not the FBI, it's the leadership of the FBI that has politicized this. And in this situation, the people at the top of the food chain have decided they don't like the game. They're going to change it. They're going to play by their rules."

"No need to read the Democratic memo. I'm ready to move on as a country," another said.

"He's very transparent. He's open. He's -- I think we've talked before, he's not afraid," the woman supporter said.

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