Man Is Taken Aback When He Sees Wife’s Face All Over His Car

SWNSPublished: February 14, 2018
Published: February 14, 2018

This is the hilarious moment a man finds his wife has secretly plastered his car with hundreds of love-heart stickers and pictures of her face. Mark Hoyle, 30, was mortified to find that his wife, Roxanne, 33, had given his black Nissan Qashqai a Valentine's Day makeover. It was latest in a long line of pranks between the loved-up couple who regularly play amusing jokes on one another.
This woman has a real Valentine’s surprise for her husband. He is always pranking her so she came up with a great idea to get back at him! She knows that he is going to hate it and she is right. She can’t stop laughing on her own ingenious idea and can’t wait to see his astonished reaction when he spots the car. It is the best thing ever and she is definitely going to repay for all pranks pranks he has done to her.

Roxanne is taken aback when she sees the car. Her face is all over the car, it is so funny since none of her photos is ‘normal’, all of them are showing her pulling comic faces. Moreover, the love messages inscribed on the vehicle, adds to the picture.

When Mark sees the car, he can’t believe his eyes. As much as his wife laughs hysterically in fits of giggle, he is so shocked and startled that he acts angrily. He is also worried whether her face will come off and how on Earth he can drive the car like that to work! He says he is speechless and we even feel compassionate towards him. A poor soul, and until the end of the video she keeps him in the dark by saying that the decoration is permanent when it’s actually a lie. What an ingenious idea for a husband-wife prank!

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