Cheeky Parrot Refuses To Stop Playing With The Humidifier

Published February 14, 2018 1,692 Views $54.53 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThey can be such amusing pets to have in your home. Some parrots seem to have the incredible ability to recognize speech patterns and repeat words and phrases they most often hear.

But when it comes to discovering new and exciting stuff around the house, there is no stopping them! This little guy discovered the benefits of the humidifier in his owner’s home and he just won’t. Let. Go!

The black-legged parrot sits perched on top of the mist machine and inspects the slot where the mist comes out. His owner tries to remove him from there, since it is not a good idea to breathe the mist directly, but the parrot wants to hear none of it! Every time the woman reaches out to grab him, he screeches and turns to bite her with his orange beak!

The woman tries several times to remove the stubborn bird from the humidifier with no success. Maybe he thinks he is in the Amazon, his natural habitat? No one can know. Drastic measures had to be taken at one point, so the human turns the machine off and the bird gives in.

Pionites xanthomerius, or black-legged parrot is abundant in parts of eastern Peru, and is present in Manu National Park. It also occurs in northern Bolivia, although it may have been extirpated from Santa Cruz as a result of habitat destruction. This taxon's range extends into western Brazil.