Cockatoo Demands Bubble Gum

RebeccaStoutPublished: February 13, 2018Updated: February 15, 2018624,083 views
Published: February 13, 2018Updated: February 15, 2018

Onni is a baby umbrella cockatoo who is completely fascinated with bubble gum. He is inquisitive about the pink bubbles that come out of his owners mouth, but leary of the alien looking things at the same time. He can't figure out where the bubbles come for the life of him because when his owner lets him look in her mouth ... there is no gum to be found (she hides it under her tongue). He can smell something yummy from her mouth and see's her chewing it though. He wants it so bad but every time he goes to take a peek, he see's nothing in his owners mouth and every time a bubble appears his owner won't let him touch it. At one point, the gum comes flying out of the owners mouth when she tries to blow a bubble for him and his reaction is priceless. As his owner blows more and more bubbles, he gets braver and braver and tries to pop the bubbles. In between the bubbles, if you look very closely you can see Onni copying his owner chewing the gum and making believe he is chewing the gum with her.

Onni means happiness and luck in Finnish, which is exactly what this little guy brings to the world. He is an Umbrella Cockatoo, or White Cockatoo, found in the rain forests of Indonesia. Sadly the cockatoos have lost most of their habitat due to human encroachment. They are critically endangered in the wild. However, they can be found in the pet trade due to generations of captive breeding.

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