Cockatoo Freaks Out When It See's An Egg For The First Time

RebeccaStoutPublished: February 13, 2018Updated: February 15, 201811 views
Published: February 13, 2018Updated: February 15, 2018

Onni is a baby umbrella cockatoo. His name means happiness and luck in Finnish. This happy little bird is experiencing the world for the first time. One of those firsts was seeing an egg! We don't know why he reacted the way he did. Perhaps it was unnatural and scary to see an egg out of a nest and in a human hand. Or maybe it was because he just plain never saw one before. Either way his reaction was bizarre and totally unexpected to his owners. When the egg is shown to him, he stands tall, puffs up like a giant piece of popcorn and sways back and forth eyeing it up. He was probably making sure that the unknown "danger" saw that he was bigger than it and so he seemed more threatening. Well it worked because the egg "disappeared" from view. And Onni happily cuddled up to his human brother for comfort and refuge.

Umbrella cockatoos are often called White Cockatoos and are found in the rain forests of Indonesia. However, due to human encroachment and loss of habitat, it is is critically endangered. These types of cockatoos can be found easily in the pet trade because of captive breeding. They are an extremely difficult pet to keep with specialized needs. One of which is they need out of a cage as much as possible and need as much interaction with humans (and or other cockatoos) as possible. They are as intelligent as 3 year old children and very emotional. This leaves to be very challenging to care for.

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