Explosive Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Testimony - What Happens Next? With Dave Aronberg & Mike Davis

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Megyn Kelly is joined by lawyers Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis to talk about the explosive Fani Willis and Nathan Wade testimony yesterday, the question about Willis paying in cash only, whether Wade and Willis actually lied to the court, the key element about when the affair started, the relevance of attorney-client privilege, important testimony from Willis' former friend and colleague, the media pushing the line that the friend is "disgruntled," Nathan Wade's reasoning for having no "receipts" showing his travel with Fani Willis, the importance of "cash" transactions for everything, whether Wade lied on his "interrogatories," Willis' fiery moments attacking other lawyers and even Nathan Wade, her emotional outbursts in court, what deception expert Phil Houston said about Willis' answers, what the judge might do next and how it affects the Trump RICO case, big news about the Hunter Biden special counsel charging an ex-FBI informant now, and more.

Aronberg- https://www.youtube.com/@DaveAronbergFL
Davis- https://article3project.org/

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