Teen With Down Syndrome Finally Gets A Chance To Play In Her First Basketball Game

Published February 13, 2018 581 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesA student with Down syndrome was given the opportunity to play in her school’s basketball game and seized the moment in the most incredible way imaginable. After helping out, coming to practice, and being a manager all season, student Alyna finally got her chance to play in her first basketball game!

Footage shows Alyna’s heartwarming reaction when coach breaks her the good news about taking part in the upcoming basketball game. Sweet girl Alena was moved to tears and a little shaken up. She thought that this day will never come, but when it finally did, she was ready to score, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Watch as Alyna is warming up with her team on court before the game. She aims at the basketball hoop and makes her best efforts to score. She is wearing a jersey with a logo of Tucson High, as she joins the rest of his team on the court.

This Arizona student with Down syndrome received a big surprise from her teammates when the Badgers coach told team manager Alyna Macias she was getting in the game. With the game tied at five in the third quarter Macias came off the bench and scored four points. Look how proud she is when she runs on the court!

The teams had talked before the game and agreed to let Macias score regardless of how close the score was. Alyna can be seen defending an attack on her hoop before later receiving the ball in a good position and attempting to score. When she scores, we can hear loud cheers supporting her play!

After the game, we see Alyna giving interviews and receiving flowers and balloons for her achievements! Simple acts of kindness brightened this girl’s life!

Credit: @kyaunaluna