Man frees toad trapped in mouth of dead snake

MarkUrbanskiPublished: February 13, 2018Updated: February 14, 20181,005 plays$4.75 earned
Published: February 13, 2018Updated: February 14, 2018

***WARNING: This might be too gross for the little ones to see!***

Mark and his mother went out for a hike in Centennial Park, and on the way back they found a dead garter snake about a foot out in the water, with a toad in its mouth. It appeared as if the snake had attacked the toad, and the toad was close enough to water to make one last desperate bid for freedom, and managed to drown the snake in the process. They found the toad floating on the surface of the water, with this snake's tail (about 1.5 feet long) trailing down through the water and resting on the bottom of the riverbed. THE SNAKE WAS ALREADY DEAD, but the toad looked like it was still moving, and maybe Mark had a chance to save it!

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    Tonywads · 43 weeks ago


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      MarkUrbanski · 43 weeks ago

      Hi Tonywads, unfortunately, scissors were out of the question, as we felt there was no room between the toad and snake to get them in there without risking injury to the toad. Thank you anyways for watching, it's appreciated!