Clydesdale gets relaxed and drowsy during head massage

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Published: February 13, 2018Updated: February 14, 2018

Blue is an enormous and powerful Clydesdale horse with the gentlest spirit. She lives at the Mane Intent horse farm in Indian River, Ontario with nine other horses. This is an incredible place where beautiful things happen through interaction with the herd in a variety of settings.

People go to the Mane Intent for many reasons. Some seek insight and learning about leadership or team work, while others go to learn about themselves through structured exercises.

But where these horses work true magic is in their work with people who have suffered trauma. The horses provide the comfort and wonder of the human/animal bond and an opportunity for quiet reflection, trust, and acceptance. To simply stand in the presence of such magnificent souls has a tremendous effect on a person. For many people, this is the way forward through grief or anxiety. It's a wonderfully therapeutic experience that has to be experienced to be truly understood.

Blue and her mother, Belle have both found their calling at this incredible place. The farm is a gorgeous expanse of rolling pasture, barns and paddocks set in a quiet corner of mixed farmland and forest. Even the drive leading up to the farm is a relaxing one.

Blue is met in the paddock by Dave, a recently retired police officer who found this haven completely by accident. She has not seen him for several months and she heads over to greet him. The two stood quietly while Dave rubbed Blue's head and ears. Blue becomes very relaxed and contented and her eyes start to close as she takes it all in. Her eyes are very striking. They are an unusual milky blue color that you can't miss. There is something very rewarding about such a massive creature seeking attention and contact from you.

Dave's first trip to the Mane Intent was intended to be a simple and uneventful opportunity to interact with the horses. Dave was shocked to find that experience full of insight and emotion as he was selected by a horse who had more in common with him than he could have ever expected.

Dave's experience with Blue was similarly touching. Who would not be won over completely by two tons of muscle looking for a little love?

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      enkeithepug · 39 weeks ago

      What a beauty 😍

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      zamzaga · 39 weeks ago

      omg look at that cute horsie face