Tiny Puppy Enthusiastically Fetches Newspaper For Owner

Published February 13, 2018 2,597 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the adorable moment when a cute little Labrador pup struggles to fetch a daily newspaper from the front porch and brings it home to owner. Check out how excited this pup is to be bringing in the newspaper for his owner. Good doggy!

Little Oliver is barely heavier than the thick newspaper he’s been charged with retrieving, but that doesn’t stop him from doing his job. Look how proud the tiny pooch is to do this minor favor every morning and present the owner with the paper. Adorable!

With a few seconds of creative maneuvering, he finally gets the stack in between his jaws. he grabs on and charges ahead towards the house, holding the newspaper tightly in his grip. He tries not to tumble to the ground when he climbs up the stairs, and brings in the prey in the most adorable way. That is a well earned treat, right there! Great job buddy!

He takes on the task with determination and enthusiasm! Footage shows the pooch struggling on the porch to fetch the newspaper and pick it up in its little mouth, and then carry it up the stairs and inside the house. While doing so, the little pup can barely move but nonetheless he keeps a positive attitude towards his task!

When the tiny Labrador makes it to the house, he eagerly presents the thick folds of newspaper to his owner and lays the paper in front of her feet. With some encouraging words from his human, the Labrador puppy completes the final command, and sits.

Hopefully, mom praised him for his hard work. It isn’t easy being small, but Oliver won’t be this tiny for much longer. Puppies grow at a remarkable pace, and pretty soon, even the heaviest newspaper won’t be a match for this obedient pooch. He will be fetching that paper like a joke. In the meantime, owner will enjoy watching his adorable struggle.