Clydesdale therapy horse extremely curious of man's gloves

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsRaven is an incredible Clydesdale horse that lives at a farm called the Mane Intent in Indian River, Ontario. She is a beautiful soul who has found her calling at a place where horses and humans interact and bond for a truly unique experience. People go there for many reasons, but one of Raven's many specialties is connecting with people who have suffered emotional or psychological trauma. She also helps people grow and learn about themselves through their interaction and experiences. She is known as "The Healer" due to her unique gift for helping people put their grief or anxiety to rest. This massive, but gentle horse loves people and loves the rest of the herd that shares this place with her.

On a cold, winter day, Raven and the herd were let out into the paddock. They were joined by Dave, a recently retired police officer who has started visiting the farm. He was surprised to find that these horses could have such an effect on his perceptions and his understanding. As Dave says, he didn't realize how connected a person could feel to horses like these, and he didn't realize his own need for the magic that they work.

Dave wandered among the horses and visited quietly as they ate and explored. Raven became particularly intrigued by his gloves that had been put on the ground momentarily. Curiosity turned to what appears to be disapproval as Raven paws at the gloves and tries to bury them. Much of what these horses do has significance and carries a meaning that takes some thought to interpret. Dave watched with fascination as Raven seemed to be trying to separate the gloves from Dave.

Raven is an enormous and extremely powerful horse with hooves the size of dinner plates. There is something awe inspiring about a beast so large that demonstrates such gentleness and awareness of her size. To stand beside Raven is an experience that can't be described. She towers over you, yet she moves cautiously and slowly in a way that conveys her kind and gentle spirit.

Raven's curiosity in the gloves is satisfied and she walks up to Dave and sniffs at his hand and then at his nose. You can see his obvious delight, as well as his perfect trust in Raven as they stand briefly with their noses touching.