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4 months ago

You are no random event, No accident of nature. It is not by some curse you stand there, there is no one to blame. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Against almost impossible odds, you came into being. By ancient ancestral effort, your heart beats. Long before you were a twinkle in your father's eye, your forebears endured all hardship. They stared down the impossible, and by their audacity, made it flinch.

When all hope was lost they held on, because they had a dream and that dream was YOU. Every lovingly sung lullaby by adoring mother was sung in your honor. Every tightly held hand was yours. You are the consequence of every sacrifice of loving mother, the last concern of every dying father. From one to another, from birth to birth, you are the personification of all their love and endurance. You are the point of everything.

They are the glorious pillar on which you stand. With their memory in your heart and their blood in your veins, tell me what could overcome you? What odds could defeat you? What measure of despair has your blood not already defeated a thousand times?

Now it is your time, to unflinchingly hold that stare, your turn to endure beyond all hope. As what do you ever really own but your time? And your time is now. This is your moment in an unbroken drama of life that started at the dawn of man. It is your turn to dance on the edge of the great nothing and show the world what you are made of.

For one day this time will fade into the ancient memory of another. Your actions here will echo through time, In a hundred years from now, maybe it will be your memory, that reaches through darkness, to say, Hold on.

Release Date: 2019
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