Big Dog Likes To Nap With The Kitty Cats

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Published: February 12, 2018Updated: February 14, 2018

Katie the Great Dane might have a menacing-looking exterior, but deep down she is quite the cat lover. Watch as she enjoys a relaxing "cat nap" with Ally and Jack. Everyone loves the sunny spot in the house for an afternoon nap!

Katie and her brother Max live in a massive mansion and they share their living space with two cats named Ally and Jack. Ally is the bully of the two, loves to pick on the rest of the pets like a boss, but they still love her. She likes to show off that she is the boss of the house, by always picking the highest and sunniest spot in the house.

But Katie doesn’t mind Ally’s picking on her; she knows that this is how cats show affection to others. She just doesn’t know any better. So wherever Ally the cat is, katie the great dane is sure to follow; that’s how much she loves her feline sister.

Katie loves taking her nap with the cats around, everyone snuggled up on the sunny side of the house. Everyone is in their own spot - Ally on top of the backrest, Katie on the big, fluffy cushions and Jack settles for the coffee table. Those who nap together, stay together!

Unlike his sister, Max doesn’t care where the cat is napping. If he wants the spot, he gets it. The poor pooch is deaf and it always goes in his favor, because he can just pretend he didn’t hear Ally sitting on the sofa. Doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.

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