Lawfare Against Trump is to Protect the New American Monarchy, Says Historian

3 months ago

Why is America’s justice system ruthlessly and baselessly attacking the number one contender to unseat Joe Biden—Donald Trump? Bill Federer, a highly acclaimed historian, author, and speaker, said, “When a king seizes power, he wants to eliminate any challengers.” According to Federer, the most common form of governance in the history of the world is monarchies and kings. And in America today, the D.C. establishment has become like a monarchy, willing to use any weapon at their disposal, including unjust lawfare, to snuff out any threats to the thrown, Federer argued. 

In this episode of The Sentinel Report, Andrew Muller, guest hosting for Alex Newman, breaks down this important topic with Bill Federer, in addition to setting the record straight about the term “Christian nationalism.”

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