Supernatural 2.8L

3 months ago

The before & after transformation of the original 2.8L. It went from peaking 121whp @4900rpm and 152wtq @3600rpm to 166whp @6000rpms and 167wtq @4900rpms with the TR1 intake. With the TR2 It picked up another 7whp.
All this with a modified upper plenum to increase plenum volume significantly, a TPI twin 48mm TB, set of CNC heads with stock valves, custom headers and custom Y pipe with 2.5” diameter pipes at each bank meeting at a 3” in diameter pipe measuring 3 feet in length. The short block was bored .040 and stock off the shelf pistons and rings. Stock crank and rods were kept.
And to bring all that together a 230/230, .512/.512 lift cam with a healthy dosis of overlap was made to use the exhaust energy to pull in the intake charge at the top end to get that VTEC effect. Enjoy!

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