Patient Cat Tolerates Cuddles From Overly Affectionate Puppy

Published February 12, 2018 43,655 Plays $137.43 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA heartwarming video has emerged of a cat and dog living in the same household, sharing a special bond. These two are doing their best to live under the same roof and tolerate each other.

People say that cats and dogs are the worst enemies, and when living under the same roof chances are they will eventually grow up to be the best of buddies! The cute bulldog pup loves his cat buddy and he always wants to sleep and cuddle with him. Footage shows the bulldog pooch wearing a cute red sweater and trying to cuddle up next to his feline best friend, before he gets his good night sleep in their shared, comfy bed.

Well cats are known to be a little bit mean and selfish, but this cat doesn’t mind the fact that she has to share her bed with her canine companion. The pooch can be seen engaging in play mode, pushing cat’s face with its adorable tiny paws, showing its overly affectionate behavior towards the cat!

From one side it's a struggle for a good night sleep, from the other one it's all about the hugs and kisses. This breed is known for its stubborn nature and being a slow learner, so we guess he still hasn't learnt that this cat wants to sleep alone, and more importantly, to be left to sleep!

This adorable cat-dog friendship goes up on the cuteness overload scale. Footage shows a cat and a dog comfortably tucked on a tiny bed, enjoying their alone nap time, cosily nested on the floor. Watch as this needy pooch continuously teases and bothers the sleepy cat, not allowing her to nap in peace. The patient cat is obviously bothered by the nagging dog, but she tries not to lose her temper, hoping that the canine will eventually stop the play attack.

Despite of the fact that massages and kisses are very comfortable indeed, there are some times when we have had enough of the love and affection and want to be left in peace and quiet. Well, apparently, this needy dog does not understand the term “privacy” and “enough is enough” so he continues giving the playful fight treatment to his feline buddy, showering him with love and affection.