"Silly Toddler Sticks Her Tongue Out"

Published February 12, 2018 1,461 Plays

Rumble "Sticking their tongue out is officially a 'thing' between toddlers. And they are not ashamed of it, not at all. This girl's mom asked her to sing the 'ABC'. Her reaction of innocently sticking her tongue out as she looks in the mirror was so funny, that we can't stop laughing. Kids often copy the behaviour they've seen in older children. Some parents may find it adorable, but others think that showing off tongue is not a good trait for their youngsters. But everyone will agree that there is no better fun than children.They just can't help making fool of themselves, it's like they are bond to make silly stuff. Just as this little girl in the video. She sings the alphabet for her mom next to the mirror. The baby girl makes funny faces and sticks her tongue out, because she feels like it. So lovely! Don’t you adore how tots like to keep things pretty entertaining?"