Blind old Great Dane kicks grumpy cat off her bed

Published February 12, 2018 4,152 Views $2.74 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsBriva is a 12 year old Great Dane who loves to lie by the fire on her dog bed. She's had this spot for several years and the cat knows it's hers. But Mitzy is a bossy cat and she pushes her luck occasionally. She seems to understand that Briva is almost completely blind and she will actually swat Briva in the nose, knowing that Briva is not as feisty as she once was.

Briva has just been to see the veterinarian for a minor surgical procedure on her leg. She's in the mood for a a little rest and recuperation but when she walks over to her favorite spot, there's Mitzy. Briva stands patiently and Mitzy knows that the patience will soon run out. Mitzy lets out a little wail, hoping that Briva will walk away. Briva lets out a deep bark that tells Mitzy who is still the boss.

Mitzy thinks for a moment and then decides to take the couch instead.

Triumphant, Briva claims her bed, settles down and begins her afternoon nap. Briva is not only bigger, but she has seniority in this family. She has been around longer than Mitzy and definitely ruled the roost for the majority of that time. Mitzy would never have dared try the standoff over the dog bed when Briva was a few years younger.

Mitzy is a saucy cat who terrorizes the family beagle. She boldly walks right up to him when he is eating. She pushes his head out of the way and eats his kibble right under his nose. Buddha whines or stands looking sorrowful until his people realize he needs rescued. They will shoo Mitzy away and let him eat in peace. Mitzy seems to know the pecking order enough to make her exit without a problem.