Virus feels like the flu, but it's not the flu

WCPOPublished: February 12, 2018
Published: February 12, 2018

With sneezing, coughing, fever and more symptoms, one might think they've caught the flu. But sometimes, it isn't the flu. Dr. Marcus Romanello at Fort Hamilton Hospital said another virus called an adenovirus frequently confuses people. "There are over 60 varients for the virus," he said. "It can cause anything from mild cold symptoms such as runny nose, sort throat, to tonsilitis, conjunctivitis, severe redness of the eyes or evern severe pneumonia." Unlike the flu, there's no real treatment for adenoviruses. But they typically only last a few days. Both are airborne and require precautions. "Wash your hands as frequently as possible," Romanello said. "Get good rest. Diet and exercise. Keep your immune system as strong as possible."

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