Taxes, Own a Business & Reduce Your Taxes by 80-90% with Greg McCluskey

3 months ago

Greg's real estate travels took him to the forefront of the cannabis Industry and invested in a microbusiness in July of 2019 in California to go along with his many real estate holdings. Greg seeks to take Reliable, Knowledgeable, Compassionate Medical cannabis to the marketplace.

Greg started his real estate investment business 23 years ago purchasing his first property with no money and no credit and has never looked back.

Greg is a leading expert when it comes to starting and growing real estate investment businesses and has turned the most complicated parts of real estate into simple systems for success.’s training programs are the leading programs in the real estate industry and continue to grow successful investor after successful investor.

SINCE 1997 Greg HAS:

*Started completely broke in his 20’s, now living in upscale Holladay, UT and has done over $250,000,000 in real estate transactions

*Created 1000’s of successful first-time real estate investors

*Created 100’s of six-figure real estate investors

*Created over 20 real estate fulfilment courses for celebrity real estate coaches.

Greg has total conviction that the traditional advice and common sense in this world is dead wrong and if you follow it you will end up living a life just like everybody else. Greg’s contrarian philosophy, methods and views are savagely effective.

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