New Baltimore Police Commissioner Promises Random Polygraphs To Hold Force Accountable

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Published: February 11, 2018

In his first round with reporters as the newly-appointed commissioner, De Sousa said he’s pulling back on Cassella’s appointment on the heels of a memo reportedly leaked to media outlets detailing past complaints against the 23-year veteran and now-retired officer. Then, police spokesperson TJ Smith said the leak is still under investigation and Cassella was not out of the running.

“The commissioner has not made a decision, so that’s the answer,” said Smith.

As they look into the legitimacy of the leaked document, the commissioner said they will also be watching their own.

“I cannot minimize the fact that there are corrupt cops. GTTF is awful. It sickens me to my stomach to see what occurred,” he said.

The once-elite gun task force consumed by corruption that was prosecuted federally is now the inspiration for a new “integrity division” which will police the police. It will include random integrity tests, along with random polygraph tests and the launching of an overtime abuse unit.

DeSousa emphasized his priorities now are eliminating police corruption while boosting the safety of the city.

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