Little Girl Preciously Sings To Her Defiant Kitty Cat

vespa66Published: February 11, 2018Updated: February 14, 20184,749 views
Published: February 11, 2018Updated: February 14, 2018

Every kid that has a pet probably considers themselves lucky. They have someone to keep constant companionship with, someone to tell all their secrets to. Some kids are lucky enough to have a dog or a horse, others keep it simple with a hamster or a fish. It doesn’t matter, because all of them teach a kid some of the basic lessons in life - friendship, sharing and fair play.

But what about the kids that have a cat? Those learn plenty of lessons too, like respecting your own space and the importance of constant grooming. But when it comes to showing affection, cats are like the baby brother that never grew out of his teenage years. They hate seeing it, but they hate showing it even more. So they will defy all our efforts to shower them with some TLC.

This little girl sure tries her best to show her cat how much she loves her, but the cat is determined to get out of the girl’s clutches and back to her favorite spot. We admire the girl’s tenacity though; she has got both her arms firmly around the orange Persian and is determined that she will show the cat how she feels, one way or another.

The best and safest way would be to sing and she does. The girl sings a lovely and heartfelt melody to the cat in her own language, while the cat tries her best to set free. Eventually, the feline gives in, as the tiny human’s embrace is nice and warm and soft… Nighty night...

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