Incredible number of Elephants on the move

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Published: February 11, 2018Updated: February 12, 2018

This video shows a huge herd of Elephants busy moving through the bush in Kruger Park, South Africa. This was not just your average size herd of elephants on the move. What really made this sighting special was the sheer number of elephants that was moving together in this herd. Usually on average, one would find herds of twenty up to fifty elephants moving together in a herd. This herd was estimated at over a hundred elephants at one stage. To see the largest land mammal on the planet congregating in such incredible numbers is really an amazing and wonderful site. During the early 17th century, there were still records of herds numbering up to a thousand. This sadly changed drastically over time and today the picture is very different. Just to try and find fifty elephants or more together in a herd can be a rather difficult task. Fortunate enough to have found this big herd, we decided to follow them and manage to meet up with them at various stages of their journey. When on the move, elephants walk roughly fifteen to twenty kilometres per hour. They can reach speeds of up to forty kilometres per hour when running. The herd is always lead by an experienced old cow, known as the matriarch. This is the female with the most experience and knowledge. We had to estimate their general movement direction the whole time and then look at the map to try and see where they would be heading next. In the end it became clear that this herd was in a hurry to get to the water. It was an extremely hot day and they were obviously hot and thirsty. We were extremely fortunate and overwhelmed at the same time to witness these unbelievable creatures moving together through the plains of Africa.

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