FAFO: Truckers About to Unleash Boycott HELL Upon New York City

1 month ago

The liberals smugly thought they had it all figured out. Get a deranged judge and a TDS prosecutor who campaigned primarily on Trump hate in New York to find Donald Trump guilty on an absurd charge that no one else in history had been charged with and for which there were NO victims. Of course, this totally bogus case was sure to be tossed on appeal but the whole point was that during the appeals process that could last for many months or over a year, Trump would have to come up with the over $350 million penalty and prohibited from doing business in New York for 3 years.

Yes, they had it all figured out except they overlooked one very NOT minor detail. American truckers. The "peasants" whom they despise. On the day after the the judgement was handed down, trucker Chicago Ray put out the word that starting Monday, February 19, truckers would NO LONGER be delivering shipments to New York City. And that movement almost instantly grew like wildfire with many many truckers pledging NOT to make deliveries to New York.

As Chicago Ray put it, F--- Around and Find Out. And New York will soon find out that there is little to no food on their supermarket shelves. Food prices in that city will soon reflect the lack of supply from truckers. Within days the price of eggs should rise to at least $10 per dozen which will seem like a bargain a few days later when they rise to over $20 per dozen. Call it an incentive, liberals. An incentive to FAST TRACK the appeals process from months to days so New Yorkers can eat again.

Oh, and don't blame the truckers for your woes, New York. Put the blame where it REALLY belongs. Upon Judge Engoron and D.A. Letitia James and upon all those liberals who were too cute by half with this dopey Trump punishment scheme.

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