UFO landing in a field near the house RAW

Published February 10, 2018 16 Views

Rumble I looked out the window and saw a low-flying object, while I reached the camera, the UFO overcame about 500 meters at an altitude of about 30 meters and began to drop to a height of 10 meters.

UFO filmed on a video camera in France and a similar plasma area of a UFO object filmed in Tyumen August 19, 2017

I will not describe what a UFO was in detail, in the face, it could disappear and become invisible, such as a portal or masking. Five minutes later I cycled to the field where the last time I saw a UFO. No traces of the paranormal activity on this day found.

But after a while, then began to occur paranormal things always, I found a dozen different types of UFOs.