UFO from an airplane flying somewhere above central Europe.

Published February 10, 2018 28 Views

Rumble I sat in the armchair by the window, the pilot announced the weather overboard, I looked at the views with the camera in my hand, suddenly noticed a large disk-shaped object, comparing it to flying planes a kilometer away, the UFO is three times larger than the A320. Next to me sat an irritable passenger, when I did a video recording, she began to reproach me that it was not a UFO, and in every way humiliate.

Neither I nor the UFO liked her comments, since the UFO disappeared, at the end of the video the object began to slide out and hiding again inside the ship's shell, parts similar to jet nozzles or flaps. The object was a perfectly round streamlined shape with a steel gray color, reflecting the sun's rays. Unfortunately at that time I did not have a good camera to convey all the details.