9 great Valentine's Day gifts under $20

WCPOPublished: February 9, 2018
Published: February 9, 2018

Valentine's Day is Wednesday Feb. 14. But if you, like a lot of people, have no idea what to get your special someone, there's hope. We went to Target with a shopping blogger to find 9 great gifts that are also great deals. Shopping blogger Megan Fenno, of Fenno Fashion, helped us find great affordable gifts, starting with the classic: flowers. "Most women like flowers, I think that's something you can't go wrong with," she said. A dozen roses always work, but those $17 prices tend so soar a couple of days before Valentine's Day. So Fenno says consider flowers that will last all spring,. "Tulips or Calla lilies for $6.99, that's a great deal, and they are beautiful plants," she said.

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