Driver experiences vertigo driving through this

DashcamPublished: February 12, 201848 views
Published: February 12, 2018

This is a parking garage exit ramp that continues to circle around and around until you reach ground level. Even though the tunnel is marked down only, the driver still had a fear that there would be a car going head on towards him and that at any second there would be a collision! He went round and round for what felt like minutes to him. In reality it was mere seconds.
Driver experienced some vertigo going down this multi level parking lot tunnel. He experienced dizziness when he came to a stop at the bottom and had to stop for a few seconds. It was a left turn all the way down as he went from the rooftop level all the way down to street level. It also took him a few seconds to adjust to daylight while the head spinning needed to stop.
This must be common to drivers in the big city like New York where parking is a premium and parking garages are everywhere. But for this particular driver, this was sort of an event to go into and out of this tunnel. Driver commented that there should be some kind of safe guard to prevent wrong way drivers. Something like those one way Traffic Spikes that they have at car rental places.

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