These 9 Megaprojects Are Being Built As You Watch This Clip

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Published: February 9, 2018

There is this saying that many use to justify things they have done way out of proportion - “go big or go home”. That same saying can very easily be applied to these giants of the enginerical breed, all of which are still being built!

Thinking ahead of the times is not without its cost. Breaking record ground on construction or improving on buildings that already do their job comes on the form of green Franklins and a lot of them. If you want to have the bragging rights to the world’s longest bridge, you will have to pay the price and the tag says $10.6 billion! This 31-mile-long project will link three different cities along the Pearl River delta in China - Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau.

Due to overcapacity, Beijing will receive another airport due in 2025. The new airport will be able to accomodate 100 million people per year, with a price tag of $13 billion. Dubai will also receive a second airport of its own. The Al Maktoum Airport will be the largest airport in the world when completed, with the ability to service 160 million travelers a year and at the cost of $82 billion.

Now that we know how Dubai likes stuff to be big, let’s talk about their largest amusement park, appropriately called Dubailand. Actually, it will be a barrage of theme parks, sport venues and the world’s biggest hotel, to name a few, all across 173 square miles. When complete in 2025, it will cost $64 billion.

Of course, we must not forget the biggest and most expensive project in history, the International Space Station. Yes, she orbits the Earth right this moment, but expansions are proposed that will raise the cost to $150 billion.

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