These Animals Have The Ability To Freeze And Come Back To Life

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Published: February 9, 2018

Not every animal can migrate when things get chilly, but being able to freeze and bounce back to life afterwards, compensates for that matter. Most animals in cold climates have found ways to deal with extreme weather. Some animals with no fur or feathers have a unique power - the ability to let their bodies freeze and then later thaw. Do they have super powers or what?

The wood frog becomes a frogsicle in the winter. Its heart stops moving and its brain and eyelids freeze solid. Water in its cells is replaced by glucose, keeping the cells from freezing solid. When spring comes it thaws out and hops away. Is this some kind of dark magic?

Alligators in North Carolina have an interesting way to deal with low temperatures. They survive freezing water by lifting their snouts above the ice. This allows them to breathe while entering brumation, a form of hibernation. This relaxed state allows the reptiles to focus their energy on body heat.

We always wondered how bears manage to pull the winter hibernation mode and act like dead but be very much alive! Apparently, there are some animals who have even cooler powers that ‘playing dead’!

Alaska’s darkling beetle survives temperatures up to -100’F. Sugars in its system work like antifreeze and keep its body fluids from freezing.

Painted turtle hatchling survive in temperatures that would kill most animals. Unlike the darkling beetle their body fluids are able to freeze solid. Scientists are still researching how is this possible! If discovered doctors will be able to freeze human organs for transplantation. Viewing this disturbing ability, makes you want to turn on the heat!

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