Bus Driver Goes Beyond Call Of Duty To Help Elderly Man

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Published: February 9, 2018

A bus driver in Milwaukee went above and beyond what is her call of duty and got out in the snowy street to help a man in need. Kaniquka Jackson, a Milwaukee County Transit System driver, is receiving praise and recognition for helping this elderly man who had fallen during a recent snowfall.

When Kaniquka was driving her bus near Bayshore Town Center, one elderly man that was waiting for his bus took a tumble when he stepped into a snowbank. The man, dragging his wheeled walker and a bag, lost his balance and hell into the foot-high snow on Sunday, February 4. Another man that was right there on the street, probably a familiar of his, rushed to help, but apparently he couldn’t handle both the weather and the exhausted man.

Springing into hero mode, Kaniquka rushed out of the bus to help the man back onto his feet. She and other gentleman helped carry him and his walker onto the bus.

The incredible footage has been shared all over social media, with numerous praises for the selfless woman. It is one of the many stories the organization has shared recently about bus drivers going out of their way to help people in Milwaukee County.

Credit to 'Milwaukee County Transit System'.

On the subject of herois bus drivers, we have to mention Reneita Smith, who saved 20 children from a burning school bus. She said “I didn’t see other people’s children. I saw MY children.” She even went back into the burning vehicle to make sure no one was left behind.

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