Elie Mystal ENRAGED that Anti-Trump Lawfare Might Not Work on Time

3 months ago

Politically weaponizing the justice system aka Lawfare against Trump requires criminal convictions against him PRIOR to the 2024 election. There are two federal Jack Smith cases currently in the pipeline. The Florida documents case which looks like it won't be concluded until AFTER the election and the J6 case which was originally slated to start on March 4 but was put on delay pending Trump's immunity appeal. It is the latter situation that is driving liberals absolutely BONKERS as you can see with Elie Mystal.

First you can see Mystal in November 2022 whining that Merrick Garland was already too late in using Lawfare when he appointed Jack Smith as Special Counsel. Then we flash forward to February 2024 and you can see Mystal's urgency over Lawfare delayed becoming even worse. Finally we have a bonus cameo clip of another liberal who completely drops his funny act to reveal someone in the throes of extreme TDS anger over the delay of Lawfare.

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