Little Girl Makes A Passionate Defense When Confronted About Her Mess

Kboani Published February 9, 2018 106,594 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhen kids grow up, it is really important to let them know that they are equal members of the group we call a family, meaning they have to help around the house. This doesn’t mean doing the dishes or taking out the trash, at least not for toddlers. But since they are able to make a mess all of their own, they might as well pick up what they threw around, right? But when this little girl was told that she should not leave her toys laying around like that, she made her case and very passionately at that.

Winter Rose made such a huge mess in her parents’ living room, but then she takes it out on her mom! Wow! All of her toys are everywhere and not just her play stuff. There are slippers, plastic bags, bottles of lotion, some kind of sticks or coloring pencils, we can’t be sure, pieces of a doll, oh my!

Mom Kelly tries to convey a very solid point to her daughter, that she has made a gigantic mess in the house just after she had cleaned it all. But Winder Rose takes her tempestuous defense out on the entire living room, throwing her stuff around and babbling some kind of argument. In the heat of the arguing, she even slips on one of her toys and falls. But no defense lawyer would ever be caught showing a weak spot, so she picks herself up and continues with her rampage.

We don’t know if this is Winter Rose’s idea of picking her mess up, but we sure hope she will take law on when she grows up.