Ten Powerful Uses For Paper Clips That Might Come In Handy

HouseholdHackerPublished: February 9, 2018490 views
Published: February 9, 2018

Paper clips have been in the office and our homes for more than a century, but these little metal binders of joy can do much more than just hold paper together. Today, we’ll show you some awesome ways to solve common problems using paper clips.

Are you being watched, well who knows? But it is possible for web cameras to become compromised. Protect yourself with a simple paperclip. Start by folding it and bend one half to form a mini chair and wrap a piece of electrical tape over the front legs of a chair and you are good to go! Place the curled up paperclip over your web camera for a quick privacy cover that can be added and removed whenever you want.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air, create a fashionable bookmark that shows that you care. Make heart-shaped bookmarks in seconds, follow the video tutorial to see how it is done and surprise your loved one with this simple gesture.

Next time you need a safety pin but don’t have one, use paperclip to make home-fashioned safety pin by yourself with this simple tutorial. Start by strengthening one end of the paperclip, leaving just the smaller bend in place. Lay the clip flat and use some pliers to make a 45 upward bend to create a clad. Next, squeeze the bend downward to meet the clad. Grasp the clip from the center and wrap the metal around the pliers twice to form a spring. The long straight end becomes your needle that you will tuck under the clad.

If you have a broken zipper, you can use paperclip to have a temporary pull tab so that your zipper can still function. This is a short and sweet fix to many problems. You can use this on any kinds of zippers!

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