Editorial: Our schools should build the bridge to cross the racial gap

WCPOPublished: February 9, 2018
Published: February 9, 2018

We need to just say this. We have a race problem. Right here in Cincinnati. And it’s been on ugly display in – of all places -- our schools. The latest was a video that a Mason High School student posted online, a video of himself calmly tossing out racial insults and offensive stereotypes.  There was the absurdly outrageous jerseys a youth basketball team in Warren County wore while they played in local school gyms.    There was the Mason teacher who joked about lynching with a black middle school student. Then students at Catholic Elder High chanted racially offensive taunts during a basketball game with rival St. Xavier. Each of these incidents was handled in the usual ways: A student is disciplined; a teacher suspended; a principal apologizes; a board member resigns; diversity training is assigned.

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