Crayfish Prank

MichaelandSiennaPublished: February 9, 201846 views
Published: February 9, 2018

Watch as this young girl sees a crayfish for the first time and is extremely scared. In this funny prank, this young girl is called into the kitchen. As she comes down the corridor, a crayfish is placed up in front of her. It takes a moment for her to understand what she is looking at, and from that point her reaction is hilarious. This cute little girl screams and runs back down the corridor screaming, not wanting to look at the crayfish. A funny video which will remind people of their first interactions with shellfish and their kids reactions. Crayfish is the perfect example. Most kids are scared the first time they see one as it looks a quite ominous creature. This video was created in Australia where crayfish are a big part of summer menus. A funny prank which will make you smile with this adorable girl.

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