Healing Ovarian Cancer (Stage 3B) Part 2 | 1 year Update | Gerson Therapy | Interview on 2024-02-12

4 months ago

Shirley Forster was diagnosed with Stage 3B ovarian cancer on January 3, 2023. Shirley underwent extensive surgery removing both ovaries and the cancer cells in the female productive areas. On Feb 14, 2023, Shirley started Gerson Therapy to help her body to heal. Experiencing some amazing initial healing results, Shirley decided to use Gerson Therapy as her main healing protocol, using the information in Charlotte Gerson’s Book “Healing the Gerson Way”. In this video interview, Shirley shared her cancer journey of one year on Gerson Therapy, some of the big setbacks, and heart-warming successes.
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Time Stamps:
01:20:26 Welcome Shirley Forster
02:24:24 Shirley's typical day
03:28:14 Husband and Daughter's support and transformation
05:31:19 Husband Hugh's testimony
08:34:22 Physical changes while on Gerson Therapy
10:15:01 Big setbacks
10:32:22 Allergic to oats
11:47;16 Fractured knee
13:00:21 Seek help from Gerson Support group on FB
15:20;05 Travel while doing Gerson Therapy
21:51:29 Meeting challenge with a smile
23:32:17 Advices for someone who is new to Gerson Therapy
27:45:06 All about coffee enemas

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