Baby Girl Gets Emotional Tears To Andrea Bocelli Song

Published February 8, 2018 13,447 Plays $27.18 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsWe all have been moved to tears by a musical piece at some point in our lives. Long before there was Adele’s ‘Hello’, which had men and women sobbing with tears, humankind had been moved emotionally by what we now call classical music.

The phenomenon of evoking an emotional response by listening to music is an interesting and capital point of music, so we shouldn’t be all too surprised that we sometimes get a little lump in our throats when we hear a piece of music. Whether it is the sound of a performer’s voice, or the way the notes skip from the higher to the lower ranges, it doesn’t matter. Music makes us feel good, one way or the other.

We are surrounded by it, from the moment we arrive in this world. Our mothers used to sing to us, which made us feel calm enough to fall asleep. Nowadays there are specifically designed programs that are meant to deliver such an emotion to children. For this little girl, however, the effect was the exact opposite! Babies have such an incredible ability to be honest with their feelings. And this sweet baby girl gets emotional for a simple yet beautiful reason.

Rosalee was watching Sesame Street with her mom and when the bedtime song came, Rosalee felt like everything but taking a nap. They had Andrea bocelli as a musical guest and he sang “Time To Say Good Night” with Elmo. What was supposed to be a bedtime song, turn into a sob song! Here’s what Rosalee’s mom had to say about it: “I put this video on hoping it would put her to sleep... but then she started absolutely sobbing! Emotionally moved by the voice of Andrea Bocelli... And now this song is banned from my home!”

Baby Rosalee is undoubtedly a cutie. With those big eyes and pinch-able chunky cheeks we just want to snuggle this little one. It is time for her to get ready for bed so momma figured out that she can play her some soothing music to help get her settle in for the night. So she decided to play the classic Sesame Street video of Elmo and Andrea Bocelli singing ‘Time to Say Goodnight' a twist on the operatic classic ‘Time to say Goodbye'. The sweet video is intended to help introduce kids to opera music as well as create a beautiful calming lullaby. Anything that involves Andrea Bocelli is going to be incredible. Elmo is great, we love him and it looks like we are not alone!

Sweet little Rosalee is all snuggled up and ready to watch her favorite little furry red friend.That's when the music starts and she is hooked. As the two starts singing to sing, Rosalee can’t help but watch in amazement. But as the song goes on she becomes overwhelmed by all the emotions the song is bringing out in her.It is so precious to see the twinkle in her eye as the tears well up. Just watch her sweet little face as she feels a whole range of emotion.Music has always moved us in so many ways. But seeing this sweet little one be moved by this beautiful song just about brought us to tears. How precious is she? And how badly do you want to give her a hug?