Guilty Dog Makes ‘Scrunchy Face’ After Being Confronted For Scattering The Trash

Published February 8, 2018 10,684 Views $21.55 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the adorable moment when a naughty dog is caught red-handed in the act of making a mess. Naughty pooch Delilah went through the trash, ripped open the plastic bags and scattered rubbish all over the living room floor. When owner confronted her about it, she couldn't face looking at her owner without making a scrunchy face covered with guilt. Too funny!

We have got a sneaky one on our hands! Delilah wasn't supposed to be playing with the trash, but she didn't know that her owner was home. Her reaction when being confronted about the mess she made is priceless, she was caught red-handed and didn’t deny it. Judging by the scrunchy face she is making, as she hides under the table, she is consumed with guilt all right!

It is easy to reprimand your beloved canine companion when they behave like naughty toddlers and turn the house upside down the moment we turn our back, for even just a second. That was the case with this guilty dog by the name of Delilah, when her owner left unsupervised.

Footage shows Delilah standing in the middle of the mess she made, with trash being scattered all over the place, pulling the sad puppy eyes on owner, after realizing what she has done! Owner will have to give her the credit at least for recognizing the blame. However, when owner confronts her, she decided to blatantly ignore the mess and any of the consequences that follow, by making a scrunchy face and hiding under the table.