Domesticated Cougar Plays Football In The Living Room With His Owners

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Published: February 8, 2018

A curious footage has emerged showing a domesticated cougar by the name of Messi casually playing football with his owners in the coziness of their home. Living under the same roof with his human owners, this wild cat has developed some amazing football skills! Incredible!

Most women would be horrified to find their husband asleep in the arms of a cougar. But when your man has domesticated a cougar pet you have to accept the other lady in his life.

People say that they would much rather trust a dog than a person, because a dog would never lie about its character. Those same people have been known to say that you should also never trust a person who keeps a cat as a house pet. Why? Because they can be the most conniving, manipulative, hypocritical beings on the planet, and they get it all from their loving pets!

But come on, how can you not love a cat? They don’t slobber, they clean after themselves, they have their own toilet right there in the living room and they love to cuddle! Now imagine all of that, but in the size of a cougar!

This family seems to love cats so much, that could not satisfy their need with just an ordinary cat. So, they decided to go for the biggest, baddest cat available - a mountain lion!

It is incredible how this big kitty is fully domesticated in the household environment that he started playing with they as if they were his own family. Despite his size, this kitten behaves like a tiny pet. Owners say that he loves to cuddle and especially enjoys playing football. He was named Messi and for a good reason too!

We don’t know how some people get to have cougars as pets, but it's pretty cool to see how he interacts with his humans.

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